Addressing Allegations and Clarifying Our Commitment

Published on 24 June 2024 @xuelink
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Addressing Allegations and Clarifying Our Commitment
Recently, there have been allegations on Reddit suggesting that LangX is involved in fraudulent activities, specifically labeling us as a crypto scam. As a community-driven, open-source platform, we prioritize transparency and integrity. We want to address these concerns openly and provide clarity on our operations.

Transparency and Our Commitment

LangX is built on openness and transparency. Our entire codebase is publicly available on GitHub for anyone to inspect and contribute. All our products are free, and we have never asked for financial contributions. Our contributors, whom we met through the app, volunteer their expertise in various areas, including coding, app design, community moderation, AI training, marketing, and bug reporting. We work on this project almost every day, continuously adding new features and improvements. Check out our history logs and backlogs; all our repositories are open and 100% transparent.

Right to Respond and Cryptocurrency Clarification

Despite the allegations, LangX does not currently have a cryptocurrency token on any real blockchain. If we introduce one, it will be done legally and in compliance with all regulations. Our innovative “Learn 2 Earn” model is designed to reward users and enhance their learning experience and motivation with gamification, not to exploit them! This model aims to incentivize learning by offering token-based rewards for completing language exercises and achieving milestones. The tokens will not require any upfront investment from users and will be a way to recognize and reward engagement and progress within the app.

In addition, we are exploring a pro subscription for advanced features to sustain the project while keeping core offerings free. This subscription model will allow us to provide enhanced functionalities for those who choose to support us financially, ensuring the continued development and improvement of LangX. Our commitment is to maintain a free core offering accessible to all users. It is worth noting that many other language learning apps, such as HelloTalk, have their own tokens or similar reward systems like fake diamonds. This may be a valid feature within our app as well and should be seen in the same light.

Transparency and Legitimacy of Our Operations

Our company information and address are fully transparent here. We engaged a professional agency to establish our company in the United States, and the provided address is legitimate. This agency uses the same address for creating multiple companies, which explains why Google lists it for several businesses. Operating an open-source company presents economic challenges, so we use shared office space to minimize expenses. There is no scam, no rug pull—everything we do is legitimate and legal inluding app store listings, developer licences, company registration, and our open-source codebase.

Addressing Misplaced Allegations

It is perplexing to see LangX, a completely open-source application, being labeled as suspicious. Our development process is transparent, and community contributions can be tracked in real-time on GitHub. Those accusing the LangX community of fraud likely lack understanding of code or blockchain technology. The language learning process belongs to everyone, and our open-source work might have unintentionally threatened some individuals who perceive us as competitors.

Referencing FBI warnings about unrelated scams to instill fear is unwarranted. The FBI has issued warnings about malicious apps used in beta-testing environments to defraud users. These apps often steal personal information and financial details by masquerading as legitimate applications. If security is a genuine concern, it is crucial to be wary of closed-source applications that lack transparency. For more information, refer to the FBI Warning

Freedom of Expression and Unjust Ban

We were permanently banned from r/duolingo without prior discussion. Additionally our AMA post has been removed by the moderators of r/duolingo. Banning someone for mentioning blockchain technology raises concerns about bias and fairness. Despite this setback, we are determined to continue our mission independently of r/duolingo. We are grateful for the support from our community and the many users who have reached out to us directly. We will continue to engage with our users and contributors through our Discord server and other platforms.


LangX has operated within legal boundaries and maintained transparency in all its endeavors. The misleading information circulating is unfounded and does not reflect our true mission and values. We remain steadfast in our commitment to our community and are more motivated than ever to advance LangX. We are here to stay and appreciate the support from all our users and contributors. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly or join us on Discord. We are always open to feedback and discussions.

Thank you for your continued trust in LangX.


LangX Team