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Language learning is a rewarding journey!

We connect language learners worldwide. Practice and immerse yourself in different languages.

Engage with native speakers for an authentic learning experience. Start your language adventure with us!

Our platform is free and entirely open-source.

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Amanda Hernandez Avatar

Amanda Hernandez

Great app!! If you are wanting to have real conversations with someone that speaks the language you are trying to learn, this app is what youneed!

Hatice Altun Avatar

Hatice Altun

A great application to meet new people and practice your language.

Burak Avatar


Wow! As an English teacher, I came across it by chance with the idea that my students could get extra practice. I'm already looking forward to it. I definitely recommend it!

Martín Didoli Avatar

Martín Didoli

The application is open source and the team behind it is really cool. Try it and meet cool people

Dasha Durneva Avatar

Dasha Durneva

This app made me opened to practicing language learning. Simple yet user-friendly design encourages to chat with language learners like myself. Highly recommend this app!!!

Ray Carnes Avatar

Ray Carnes

Great free App to connect with others wanting to brush up on language skills!!

Keen Avatar


Thank youu! ❤️ I will continue trying my best to help with whatever I can! 💪😤 I love the idea of the this project and I want to see it succeed!! 😁😁


Discover features designed to boost your language learning.

Picture describing the 🤖 Learn with AI feature
🤖 Learn with AI

Harness the power of AI to accelerate your language learning journey. Get personalized lessons and feedback.

Picture describing the 👥 Language Community feature
👥 Language Community

Join a community of language learners. Connect, share, and learn together.

Picture describing the 🎙️ Capture Moments, Share Voices feature
🎙️ Capture Moments, Share Voices

Capture and share your language learning moments. Share voice messages to practice pronunciation.

Picture describing the 🌙 Night Mode Engage feature
🌙 Night Mode Engage

Switch to night mode for a more comfortable reading experience in low light environments.

Picture describing the 🔍 Profile Insights feature
🔍 Profile Insights

Get insights into your language learning progress and habits directly from your profile.

Picture describing the 🔒 Your Data, Your Control feature
🔒 Your Data, Your Control

We respect your privacy. Control what data you share and manage your privacy settings easily.

Picture describing the ⚙️ Fine Tune Your Connections feature
⚙️ Fine Tune Your Connections

Customize your connection preferences to find the perfect language exchange partners.

Picture describing the 🏅 Badge feature
🏅 Badge

Earn badges for your achievements and display them on your profile.

Picture describing the 💬 Just Chat feature
💬 Just Chat

Experience our user-friendly chat interface. Learning a language has never been this fun and easy.

Picture describing the ⭐ Rating Evaluation feature
⭐ Rating Evaluation

Rate your language exchange partners and receive ratings to help improve the quality of interactions in our community.

Picture describing the 📖 All Open-Sourced feature
📖 All Open-Sourced

Our app is completely open-sourced. Join our developer community and contribute to our codebase.

Picture describing the 💰 Zero Cost feature
💰 Zero Cost

Experience our comprehensive language learning features at zero cost. Absolutely no hidden charges or in-app purchases.

Blog posts

Dive into insightful articles about our platform's features, updates, and tips.

Addressing Allegations and Clarifying Our Commitment

4 min read

Recently, there have been allegations on Reddit suggesting that LangX is involved in fraudulent activities, specifically labeling us as a crypto scam. As a community-driven, open-source platform, we prioritize transparency and integrity. We want to address these concerns openly and provide clarity on our operations.

AMA - LangX | Practice, Learn, Succeed! – A New Era in Language Learning on r/duolingo!

3 min read

Join us for an AMA on r/duolingo to discover LangX, a revolutionary, open-source, ad-free language learning platform. Learn how LangX Copilot, real-time feedback, and a vibrant community can enhance your language journey.

Unveiling Our Usage of Plausible Community Edition - A Look into Our Insights

4 min read

Discover how we utilize Plausible Community Edition for transparent and privacy-focused analytics, reinforcing our commitment to openness and community-driven solutions.

Mastering a New Language - An Introvert's Guide

4 min read

Learning a language as an introvert can be challenging, mainly due to the fact that one of the best methods for language acquisition is to interact with natives and those who are fluent in the language. However, due to that not being an option for some, in this article, we will be talking about how you can learn a language, without even leaving the house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LangX is available for free on ios, android and on the web app.

Yes, our app is free and 100% open source.

While our app is free and 100% open-source, we plan to introduce a subscription model for our Language Copilot feature. This feature, powered by OpenAI, provides real-time feedback during conversations, enhancing the language learning process. All other features will remain free. We also accept open sponsors on GitHub Sponsors.

As for monetization upon achieving significant growth, scalability becomes crucial, right? Take, for instance, the our Language Copilot feature I mentioned. It utilizes GPT, which requires an API and incurs costs on a per-word or per-token basis, as you're likely aware. Without implementing a subscription model, the expenses could quickly deplete my resources.

Therefore, in our roadmap, post-beta stage, we intend to introduce a subscription fee exclusively for accessing this feature. All other features will remain freely available for lifetime use. Unlike Tandem, which sells features lacking added value such as "Who viewed my profile?", our 🤖 Language Copilot provides direct feedback within conversations, enhancing the language learning process by enabling users to improve in real-time during authentic conversations with other users.

  • Capture and share language learning moments with voice messages.
  • Customize connection preferences for ideal language exchange partners.
  • Gain insights into learning progress and habits on your profile.
  • Enjoy user-friendly chat interface for effortless language learning.
  • Maintain control over data and privacy settings.
  • Rate and receive ratings for quality interactions.
  • Activate night mode for comfortable low-light reading.
  • Earn badges for achievements.
  • Access comprehensive language learning features at no cost.
  • Contribute to our open-source developer community.
  • Learn to Earn model: LangX Token
  • Accelerate learning with AI-powered personalized feedback, coming soon!

LangX sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive and community-driven platform that prioritizes language practice and user privacy. As a 100% open-source alternative to similar apps, we're committed to providing a seamless language learning experience while empowering users to take control of their data and privacy settings.

Harness the power of AI to accelerate your language learning journey. Get personalized feedback privately. It is going to be your private language copilot. There will be a toggle button in the top right corner of any chat room. When you open it, it feedbacks you privately when you are practicing with a real person in a room. Only you can see these feedback messages within the room. These messages are going to be different colored. I'm so excited about this feature because it speeds up your active language learning process. Stay tuned for more!

The innovative 'Learn to Earn' Token Project, for more info please visit:

We implore anyone to contribute, whether it’s just a single image, down to a single line of code/text. You can read more here on how you can add your contribution.

We actually have an excellent team of contributors who are dedicated to making valuable contributions wherever possible. With that said, if you are interested in taking on the role of our first moderator as a contributor/volunteer, please reach out for details. We can also begin delving into this matter together.

We'll definitely add sign languages to the study languages section during the registration process. Additionally, we have a contributor who works as an accessibility manager and can help with the following issues. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention again :)

For the sign language issue: Link.

Regarding developing standards like WCAG with the W3C: Link.

This project has been a labor of love, and we're continuously updating and improving LangX to better serve our users' needs daily. We have exciting features in the pipeline, including AI-driven language learning support, and we're thrilled to share them with you in the near future.